In safe settings on smaller teams you will work in one of our workshops and acquire new skills practically or with common skills which are all about you becoming more capable of your own life and being able to take care of yourself.

You will work with Danish, English or Math once a week on smaller teams together with other students on the same level as you. Every week we have 1-2 exciting optional subjects where you can engage in your interests in order to prepare you for a good leisure. Al of this is put in safe settings where we ensure a good social youth environment, healthy breakfast and lunch, exercise and swimming 2-3 a week. Once a month we go to visit companies. And then we will make use of our big network in order to find some good work-experience placements for you which may be the way to the labour market.

Wood and metal, Kitchen, Creativity and design, Media and Drama.

Optional subjects:
Green service and gardening, Property service, Wellness and styling, Wood carver, Bicycle and moped workshop, Driving school/theory, Painter’s workshop, Cooking and purchase, paint a watercolor, Song (chorus and solo singing) and self evolvement.