Fremtidslinjen is a youth education for young people with general learning disabilities. Young people who at the moment do not have the possibility of completing a regular youth education. Fremtidslinjen is an education where you become capable of and able to master your own life. Here we work with skills and knowledge, which are part of strengthening your personal choices in relation to an active and independent adulthood. Hereby you achieve the most possible insight and recognition compared to identity, self-image, and working capacity.

An STU on Fremtidslinjen is anchored in presence and curiosity.
S is for > perceive, stimulate, structure, self-awareness and self-esteem.
T is for > train, dare and believe in your own talents.
U is for > examine, challenge, develop and extend the world we think we know.

Pedagogically points:
We believe in YOU. We believe that YOU can do something and we will help you find it.
We ask the questions. YOU know the answers!
We show the way. YOU make it happen.
We push YOU, challenge YOU, YOU cannot fail to grow.

Therefore we work to be proactive so YOU can take the rudder, so YOU become ready to act forward and master work, life and friendships. So you like the fruit trees can grow as a human being at the same time as giving all you got. There by you become captain in your own life.