In the action performed on behalf of the federal agency for work, the participants have eleven months to present themselves with our support in the framework of working life. They have the chance to improve their academic performance and to work on their personal and social skills.

The focus of the action is on-site training with the aim to find a suitable training company. Together with the participants we work out, what career fields are of interest to them and seek together with them internship businesses. This way the participants have on the one hand the opportunity to learn a trade and at the same time a possible vocational training company as well as obtaiin practical skills. On the other hand, they can - unlike a written application – demonstrate themselves in practical work, so that possible difficulties at school fade into the background.

Together with the participants we this way create the necessary conditions for holding a successful training.

Target group: The measure provides young people with learning disabilities and learning difficulties an excellent way to prepare for an vocational training. It is aimed - regardless of the education achieved - at teenagers and young adults without vocational training who fulfill the compulsory education and not the 25th year of life yet.

Addressed are in particular young people,

  • who do not have the necessary educational maturity or occupational aptitude yet
  • who have not been successful yet in starting a vocational training an whose educational and labor market opportunities can be increased by further promoting and qualifications.