The JAW Plön-Koppelsberg as part of the Lutheran Church in northern Germany regards itself as a part of the regional labor market and workout. Knowing this market is an important condition for goal-oriented and effective integration strategy. Due to professional and regional contacts, networking has been established in a regional and supra-regional training and labor market. With a numerous measure of vocational trainings, the JAW Plon-Koppelsberg has been a solid and competent partner in the field of professional integration for socially disadvantaged young people with learning difficulties and learning disabilities within the region for more than 60 years.

Due to this long-standing experience with the target group of disadvantaged young people and competent, trusting cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency, with companies, schools, social institutions, chambers and guilds in the circle Plon, the "know-how" has continuously improved. Which itself reflects the interplay guidance in a high rate of integration into education or work. This result Firmly established and long-term growth structures, Which increasingly professionalized in the different measures in Their quality of implementation and the framework and cooperative relationships for optimal delivery process have created. Target group for the project "Poseidon" is the Preparatory vocational rehabilitation training program (BvB rehab).