By public relations an awareness of the actors of the economy, vocational education and the public sector for the problems and special needs of the target group in the integration work will be achieved, as well as the great importance of mobility and the much-needed participation of this target group in the European living and working environment is supposed to be made transparent. 

The integration of learning-disabled and difficult learning young people means for both countries in the Fehmarnbelt-Region a major challenge, as they are faced with a wide range of young people, who also have, due to difficulties in the cognitive domain, problems to acquire new knowledge and skills. There is a risk of losing these young people permanently if we fail to realize their potential and develope them stronger than they have been included in the regional development yet by giving them training and integration into the labor market.

By additional to the "special needs" oriented skills training for the target group and the thereby involved improvement of opportunities in the education and labor market, on both sides of the conveyor region a contribute to the reduction of unemployment and decrease of the number of young people without vocational training is supposed to be made and that the long-term threat of poverty in old age can be counteracted.