Experts exchange in Køge

Køge (Denmark)

Thursday 18th and Friday 19 April visited the German partners from the Poseidon project Ølby. Thursday started with a morning song and accompanying Breakfast UUV. Subsequently, the tour and presentation of the site, how the young people referred for a STU, frontpage to our overall website and eventually held Lotte a small presentation on its work. The rest of Thursday was going on Future line up in a good Danish lunch and visits to the various majoring. The evening was concluded by the Limone at Køge Harbour with more talk about student exchange, website, summer camp in Jutland and how much students are similar in Denmark and Germany.

Friday took place at Future line and most of the morning standing on team building exercises for employees, German partners and students. Below a small sample of the activities. Team building was rounded off with a short film from last year's summer camp and an invitation to the students for this year. After another delicious lunch gathered the students to be involved in Plon with the Germans in the event of questions about the trip. Then the students were sent home and the German delegation was given a cup of coffee before heading to Plon again.

Mai Greve, UUV