Experts exchange in Plön

Plön (Germany)

Wednesday, 6 March took a Danish delegation from UUV Køge Bay and Future line against Plon in Germany on a three day staff exchange with the German partner institution Jugendaufbauwerk (JAW) Plon-Koppelberg. The group, consisting of an institution Morten Ellehauge and Anette Nielsen, Emil Sahin, Mai Greve, Marianne Jensen, Signe Odsbøll and Stine Gregersen followed with great interest in how young people with general learning disabilities will jobparat.

From the start of the project have all been hoping for a mach between the Danish and German students and it quickly became clear that both are great similarities but also major differences between the two institutions adolescents. The regulatory framework in Germany means that there are more opportunities to get young people into the labor market, including in the form of labor clauses in which companies are obliged to accept the young otherwise they would be fined. Many of these options could be transferred to Danish legislation. Our project partner also has the great advantage that they follow their young after school and work, right through to enter the labor market.Exchange tour is also a prelude to the project's upcoming Kick Off Conference, which takes place on Tuesday 19 March at Rodby-putt ferry. Here, the software provides presentations by Søren Kristensen, Achim Ciolek and Randi Hansen. Søren Kristensen has over 25 years working with international education and written a PHD on mobility and exchange, and why this is important. Achim Ciolek is a social worker and teacher, and since 1992 has been Managing Director of "Hamburg support employment" (Hamburger Arbeitsassistenz). This is a specialized service for professional integration of persons with disabilities. This adds to project development and project management in connection with the transition to the open labor market for persons with disabilities. Randi Hansen is President of Social Affairs and Health Committee in the Municipality of Køge.

Mai Greve, UUV