Great Accordance between Køge and Plön

Plön (Germany)

After returning from their discovery journey across the Fehmarnbelt to Plön all employees of Fremtidslinjen were excited and full of optimism about the coming cooperation between Germany and Denmark. On Wednesday, 6 March a Danish delegation of UUV (UngdommensUdannelsesVejledning) Køge Bugt and Fremtidslinjen set out for Plön. Cause for this journey was a-three-days exchange of personal with the German partner institution – the Jugendaufbauwerk (JAW) Plön-Koppelsberg.

The travelling party under the leadership of Morten Ellehause – the chief director of the institute – consisted of Anette Nielsen, Emil Sahin, Mai Greve, Marianne Jepsen, Signe Odsbøll and Stine Gregersen. Their main interest was to get to know how in Germany young people with learning difficulty are being prepared for the employment market. All persons in charge hoped at the beginning of the project that there would be a great accordance between the Danish and the German young people. But very quickly it was clear, that, although they would be united by many common interests, concerning the young people as well as both of the institutions many differences existed.

The regulatory framework offers for the disadvantaged young people in Germany more possibilities to enter the employment market than for those in Denmark. But it could be pointed out that some of these options could be transferred to Danish legal regulation as well.