Interreg IV A Project starts in Køge

Køge (Denmark)

The members of the prospective Danish/German management party for the Interreg IV A Project „POSEIDON“ meet in the STU institution „Fremtidslinjen“ in Karlemosevej in Køge on 15 and 16 of January 2014.The meeting of the Danish and German partner in Køge is the first meeting of this management party and presents thereby the opening for the realization of the Interreg IV A Project „POSEIDON“.

„POSEIDON“ is a border-crossing initiative of two institutions within the Fehmarndbelt region and is occupied with the development of innovative, border-crossing strategies and methods for the social integration of learning disabled and slow learning young people.

Wiebke Lange, Christian Lange, Michael Tobias and Andreas Nollenberg from the Jugendaufbauwerk (JAW) Plön- Koppelsberg meet their Danish colleagues Morten Ellehauge, Tove Tranberg, Signe Odsbøll, Marie Louise S. Jeberg and Mai Greve from UUV Køge Bugt and „Fremtidslinjen“.

During this two-day-meeting the managment party was busy with the planning of the „Kick-Off-Conference“ taking place on the ferry Rødby-Puttgarden in March as well as the coordinating of the weeks of qualifiying and practical training of the members and last but not least the basics of the marketing strategy.

The summit of this meeting was without any doubt the signature of the partner agreement between the both chief directors Mark Jensen (UUV) und Christian Lange (JAW). But also the common meals with 30 young participants of „Fremtidslinen“ were impressing for the German visitors. “The German colleagues obtained hereby an authentic impression of the atmosphere, of the teachers and the trainers as well as the young people of Fremtidslinjen” explained the Danish project-coordinator Mai Greven and pointed out the positive cooperation within this management party during this first meeting.