KICK OFF in rough sea


Anything but calm sea was there when the Danish-German INTERREG IV A Project „POSEIDON“ started officially by a „kick-off“ conference on a ferry from Rødby to Puttgarden.

The Danish educational institution „Fremtidslinjen“ from Køge and the German partner institution Jugendaufbauwerk (JAW) Plön-Koppelsberg recently received a grant by the EU-Programm INTERREG IV A in the amount of round abt. 440 thousand EUR. This is in order to commonly lead learning-disabled and slow learning young people of the Fehmarn-Belt-Region during the next two years to be a part of the employment market and to improve their life quality by integrating them into society. This should be achieved by special pedagogic measures and working possibilities, especially tailor made for their needs.

The deputy chairwoman of the Danish municipality on Sjælland and chairwoman of the Commission for social and health, Lissie Kirk made the inaugural address at the conference. Thereby she was literally staying on shaky ground as the Scandlines Ferry was exposed to the rough Baltic sea.

Anyway, Lissie Kirk did not overbalance while presenting firmly the different perspectives being the basis for this border crossing project. After the presentation of the project partners by both of the directors of the institutions, Christian Lange from the JAW Plön-Koppelsberg and Morten Ellehauge from Fremtidslinjen, a dedicated debate about the differences in the educational systems of both countries had followed. Many of the challenges are similar on both sides of the Fehmarn-Belt but the methods to deal with are sometimes very different. The participants learned in workshops that we could learn from each other. There was a great willingness to develop together new instruments and to tread a new path to enable learning-disabled and slow learning young people to be socially integrated.

Teamleader Tove Tranberg from Ungdommens Uddannelsesvejledning (UUV) Køge Bugt (Jugenbildung) gave a spontaneous presentation on the conference and moderated a workshop and he was very optimistic at the end of the conference: "Es ist eine spannende Dialog, den wir mit unserem deutschen Partner heute gehabt haben. Wir können sicherlich voneinander lernen und es ist sehr aufregend südlich der Grenze.“ endete Tove Tranberg, bevor sich die dänische Delegation wieder auf den Heimweg durch ein schneebedecktes Lolland-Falster begab.