Med Poseidon’s hjælp over Femer Bælt

Plön (Germany)

Eight young men and women from the Danish partner organization Fremtidslinjen crossing the Fehmarn Belt and visit within the INTERREG IV A project "Poseidon" the Jugendaufbauwerk on the coupling mountain. Of course, they hope that the patron of the project - the sea god Poseidon - would grant them safe passage. Fremtiedslinjen is an educational institution for young people with special needs and part of Ungdommes Uddannelses Vejledning (UUV) Køge Bugt. The decor is a partner in the JAW "POSEIDON".

"POSEIDON" has introduce the goal-achievers and young people with learning disabilities in the Fehmarn Belt region of the primary labor market and actively integrate them to improve their quality of life in society. In the context of transnational mobility training weeks to be increased, reduced stereotypes, xenophobia and related and intercultural skills of the target group to be promoted.

Conceive during the project and prepare the project partners weeks before the qualification for the participants in the respective partner institution and plan cultural events to promote a Danish - German cultural exchange. By common cultural experiences - (joint regional studies field trips, visits to museums and events in the partner country) and sports activities (canoeing, ropes course, etc.) we want to achieve a better mutual understanding and strengthen the cultural and social community in the Fehmarn Belt region. This group are the first Danish youths who rise to the challenge and absovieren an internship abroad.


Velkommen i Tyskland - Velkommen til Koppelsberg

Andreas Nollenberg, JAW Plön-Koppelsberg