Participants exchange in Plön

Plön (Germany)

Yet another exchange of participants took place from 7th until 11th of April and has contributed to the increase of intercultural competences of the participants as well as the members of staff. A wide-ranged program made sure that the 8 adolescent persons from Køge as well as the 9 from the Koppelsberg got the chance to get to know each other better and reduce language barriers.

During the workshops Media, Repair Shop and Kitchen, movies, the daily common meals and a Goldberg-Reaktions-Machine had been made. And everyone was fascinated from the “Miniaturwunderland” – a wonderful miniature exhibition - seen during a trip to Hamburg. While climbing in a high wire crag the adolescents passed over borders and kept each other grounded.

At the end of an eventful week the groups of both nations were looking forward to the next exchange, in Danmark then.