Participants exchange in Plön

Plön (Germany)

From 6th until 14th October, a group of young people from the „PlönWork“ project learned what it meant to have friendly contact established and maintained over country´s frontiers. The commonly spent week had been effected by events and working projects experienced together. Danish and German young people worked together on projects in the media, kitchen, gastronomy or wood workshop sector, meanwhile for the second time.

Shared free time activities like the visit of the “Hansapark” and the previous exchange in April also contributed to decrease cultural and communicative barriers and differences and to increase real friendship in between the young people.

It can be said by now, that the „Poseidon“ project has become a real successful model for the participating young people concerning border crossing work on common aims. For this special target group from Fremtidslinjen a the Jugendaufbauwerk Plön-Koppelsberg the work on the “Poseidon” project has become an effective instrument in order to broaden one´s mind and extend self-confidence.